Avoid Google Penalties

The following is a really useful article, I like it and will refer to it in the future, I hope you enjoy it too…..

This means any news release that has keywords listed multiple times, keywords as anchor text, or links not listed as “nofollow” will be penalized.

But what does this mean to you…and to my new friend who has a strategy to distribute online news releases twice each week?

No keyword stuffing. An old SEO trick, keyword stuffing meant a web page was full of the same words or phrases over and over again. This told the search engines to look at that page as an authority on the topic. During the past several years, though, Google has penalized web pages that practice this method. Now they’ve turned their eyes to news releases and will penalize you for doing the same. An example of keyword stuffing is something like the following with the keywords in italics. “Many organizations offer wellness programs to help employees reduce healthcare costs. When employees practice good wellness, including exercise and healthy nutrition, the programs offered from insurance companies are less expensive. If you want a healthy team, consider a wellness program.”

via Avoid Google Penalties | Social Media Today.