Do You Exist?

atdesk100x100Did you know that if a local business isn’t found on page #1 on Google, they basically don’t exist? Just look at these shocking facts:

1. Over 2.6 BILLION local searches happen each month (and growing at over 50% a year)

2. 84% of people first search online BEFORE buying a local product or service

3. 98% of searchers choose a business on page one in Google! That means if they aren’t on page #1… they don’t exist!

So what can you do about that?

Firstly make sure you can be found, sounds simple and yet so many businesses do not make it easy for their potential customers to find them. Google is making it easier and easier for you to be found on page one but you need to make sure you make it easy for Google to find you.

Secondly make sure you make it easy for people to understand what it is you do, again this sounds easy and yet so many websites look lovely yet people are left scratching their heads wondering what it is you do.

Thirdly make sure it is easy for people to contact you, once again this sounds easy, and it is, but so many websites tuck the contact details away in a corner or in some obscure place which makes it difficult for someone to find out how to contact you and as a local business you really want that phone to ring or the email to be sent….make it easy.