Facebook Advertising to Increase Sales

Is it me or is it just coincidence?

I have not really paid much attention to the link between Social Media and e-commerce sites but only yesterday a client asked me about just such a thing.

Low and behold a day later this excellent article appeared (below) detailing some of the questions I needed answers to…excellent stuff.

The article also highlights what I had mentioned to him…. Affiliate Marketing was a great way for him to get traffic to his site and would be a very cost effective solution.

Social Media and Ecommerce Sales

According the survey results based on millions of online transactions, social media brings less traffic (1.55%) than email marketing campaigns (2.82%). Search accounts for 31.43%, way beyond what social media offers. Also, only 0.71% of queries from social sites convert!

When you keep in mind the fact that people spend 23% of their time on Internet on social media sites, you will realize that the potential of using social media for driving online sales has not been fully exploited. The reason for the low amount of traffic and low conversions is because businesses have not been able to formulate the right models for leveraging social media.

via Facebook Advertising to Increase Sales | Social Media Today.