How To Increase Traffic In 3 Easy Steps

traffic will slow to a crawlThis is not news, everybody knows this to some degree or another however even though it’s been said over and over again all across the internet it bears repeating because it really is the only way to increase traffic to your website and increased traffic to your website will mean more money in your pocket.

So if content is king, then keywords are the building blocks to your castle. Search engines rely on your site’s content, including keywords, to serve results. Whether you’re focused on organic or paid search engine traffic, you should take note of these seldom mentioned, but highly effective techniques:

1. Revisit the Long Tail for organic and paid search “Long Tail” keywords are less competitive niche words. It’s much easier to rank organically and less costly PPC-wise to appear for a less competitive keyword. While these words won’t bring you a lot of traffic separately, targeting groups of long-tails can provide sizeable traffic and conversions. Visitors searching for long tail keywords generally know what they want. So how do you find the long tail? To get started, take a look at the Keyword Niche Finder.
2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) keywords should be relevant to your landing pages When it comes to paid keywords, most people tend to focus on bids and ad copy, but seldom experiment with the relevance of their landing pages. If you’re a webmaster creating your pages, or an affiliate customizing existing pages, relevance is key. When Google, for instance, determines the “Quality Score” for each of your keywords in the search network, it looks at landing page relevance. Why is this important? Well, in general, the higher your Quality Score, the lower your costs and the better your ad position. To learn more, visit Google’s What is the AdWords “Quality Score” and how is it calculated?
3. Developing your keyword lists Want to tap into the search traffic success of a well known site or niche? Competitive keyword analysis is fundamental. Nowadays, there are many competitive intelligence tools that you can tap to examine other’s sites. Most tools will provide many forms of keyword analysis, from on-page factors to anchor text to paid search campaign keywords. For an affordable and easy to use tool, take a look at SpyFu.

Take a little time and spruce up your sites by taking advantage of these helpful hints and you’ll be master of your domain in no time!

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