Social Media from $295 per Month

Its a catch-22. You have a business to run, yet you need to harness the power of social media marketing. However, if you implement an effective online marketing campaign, you will have no time to actually run your business. What is a small business owner to do?

That is where a Total Web Design social media package comes in.

For less than you can pay your $15 an hour office person to fire out 30 tweets and 3 to 5 page updates everyday we can do the time consuming donkey work for you so you can focus on your customers. If you let your office worker do it, this will cost you about $450 per month based on an hourly rate of $15…. yep that’s right…in fact it would probably cost more because they will probably take more than an hour each day to find and create content that can be delivered consistently.

So why spend hours every day sending out tweets and updating your status on Facebook  or pay your $15 an hour person for an hour a day to do it when you can get us to do that, allowing you to focus on the important bit, engagement and getting more customers and clients. (If your office person does it, it will cost you $450 a month)

We will do the hard yards, the boring stuff and let you take control of your day and then the fun engagement stuff.

We can offer you a simple solution to the following platforms.

  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

We specialize in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Talk to us about doing the donkey work for you from as little as $295 per month.